Why big tech want their own currency?

credits: financemagnates.com

When a stock goes up, it can be iced by the governments. When oil price goes up, governments can manipulate the currency, requiring hard power.

All billionaires today belong to the tech world. They are experts of soft power. For them to run their own governments, they need a system that can pay the people welfare. Governments are slow and lose money, biden wants to put the nail to the coffin in his own tenure.

Why do we need the stock market to pay pensions, when we can have digital currencies with narrative value that can do the same and in return be a more effective money losing phenomena for the poor?

Cloud and data are already the most important phenomenas of 21st century, they can make the most unprofitable thing valuable with dumbfound scale and narratives. This war is between the owners of gold of yesterday, and owners of technology today. Data is the new gold AND oil.

Data will take away farmers middlemen. This war is funded by the small middlemen fighting with the Ambanis and Gates. Because big tech is the only middleman in town. Dollar is being ended , with nails for Saudi and UAE together. Once dollar is ended, the world can truly flourish? The money can be sent more efficiently based on who has the most scale, instead of just everyone. MSMEs and Banks are cunts that lose money, get em out of the way! $15 min wage is a good start. Negative Interest rates are a good end. Says them, not me.

AI is artificial unspeak. Its a propaganda machine that will be enabled as the last nail in the coffin to lay off the employee class. Digital currencies will be the only way they will get paid in the future.

The real steal is happening right now, AI will be a second thought. Square and AppleCard are leading the charge. Giving them data usually transpires into giving them transports and houses and everything in between. Capitalism is all about efficiency. Dont give your data.

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