The story of two democracies

Tajos King
7 min readJan 26, 2021


In a span of 20 days two democracies were slaughtered and raided like old lands. Why is it that ‘human nature’ is being blamed while ‘human nature’ of those in power is not in question. This is media, its sole purpose is to spread hate, fear and division.

Why do we never see things as they are? Why do we stick to only our perception and not the perception of just who might be the benefactors?

Im sitting here, hearing the news coming out of delhi, its 3 pm now and the rally is just getting started, I have no doubt some people will ransack the govt institutions like they did in the US of A. It’ll get hotter in the next 3–4 hrs and we’ll sit in awe wondering what went wrong? Wrong, was our rebuffing of our beliefs in the media, media doesnt show anything new, it just shows what we already believe in, and thus doesnt allow us to think out of the box, out of the TV Box. It wants us to remain how we have been for thousands of years before today, divided, insecure, mad. We are not any different today, we cant be, the system never allowed us so. We still think money is supreme, we still get jealous at others success, we still believe all the hate spread in the world, and arent able to see the beauty in the world. For all urban people, who live far from reality today, the world is the Big Bad World where everyones out to get you! We live in labratories, cities are labratories and nothing else. We live in someone elses territory, how? Look around you, everything that is built in your city is built by 5–10 odd people, total. Do you think its really tough for them to get in touch with one another? Do you think they are madly cutting each others throats? At some point, even gravity stops pulling you down, this system allows that. There is no gravity here, thats all a hoax. Theres no ‘creative destruction’ that the west is so obsessed with. There is only one rule, the rich gets richer, because its meant to be that. Otherwise why will anyone seek riches? No point, right? Its never ending.

So we live in labratories and everything we hear, learn from is from the Box. Todays boxes are even more pathetic, you can judge by the size of them, smaller, to make our minds smaller. Never think big, be small, thats the mobile. Our only touch to reality is through the box. Why is that? Is it because we are so helpless we cant do anything about it? Or is it that we do it purposefully? Is it because learning about the other side might be too much for your small brain to handle? To know that you’re not so perfect after all? Oh! Not as much as your whole friend circle is? Why do we fret?

Its because we believe the dreams being sold. And its true, they can be achieved, Im here to tell you those dreams are based on the fundamental assumption that you WANT to be better than others. The very seed of hate is sowed in your brightest of dreams already! This is madness, and let me talk some about the feasibility of your dream. That dream that you seek? You knows its unattenaible, so what do you do? You settle for somewhere in the middle, where you admit youve lost the Great Game you were in, but you know You did not Lose either! You did not end up the bottom of the gravel! You are floating above bottom, you settled for something better than the worse, and theres a whole beautiful community here. Oh, so beautiful, heaven and peace and just a little slaving your whole life for some corporates whose reality you’d much rather not know. Itll hurt your very being, if not , then you believe youll make it. Im just in the job, ill quit and start a business later, you know.

Its not feasible , I might come to that later, but its damn sure being sold, dreams come at a price you see, you pay more for seeing those dreams than you do for achieving them, the more you see, the less youll have the courage to go towards them. They played you again. You thought this is some sort of vardaan, the great internet! But it seems like its not. Most certainly the opposite. By the time you realise it, you’ll be 30 and you will surrender. Scale this up to every human being and we have a mass of people who become sheep.

Then there are people who are the lower class, the grand majority of this country, people here strive for one thing, government jobs and government jobs. Nothing else seems like an option here. Everything else is full, there are already too many technocrats, the only job this country seems to offer, maybe for the good. These people are more complex, and even below them come the agriculturists, they dont dream, and maybe thats a good thing in todays age. They stay real, not aspirational, live life more fully, maybe never get the exposure the deserve, thats about it, and frankly if you want exposure, you give up your soul, so choose wisely if I might say.

This will turn into a tall article, but this here was the true nature of us, and the true nature of those in Power. The ones we rarely focus on because we honeslty dont care, like ive just summarized above for you. We’ll just go to the Mall, find some people who look like us, and come satisfied. Ah, what a pretty life.

Maybe I should mention a little but about the power, and the politics at play, which many of you might have come here for. Its quite simple really, divide and conquer. Thats it. Farmers and Patriots didn't open the barricades and rushed in, they were opened for them. They were brought in, allowed in the Capitol and the Capital, and were lead by some rebels on hire, who came prepared with weapons and climbing skills. You dont show an empty path to a man, and expect him to not walk on it, thats all the real Farmers and Patriots did. The strategy here is to make people hate the very idea of nationality, thats what at stake here. What is the purpose of nationalism when all it does is bring hate? The people are rising they say, theyll look through this bullshit! They are peace loving people, ever optimistic for the great possibilities of the Internet! We dont want these warm blooded people spoiling our big old grand vacation. We’ll get free money, a cozy house, a beautiful environment, what else can we expect! This lie is so easily propagated, and how easily its become the ‘Obvious’ truth that its mind boggling. Because there are people who very easily can see that its not the truth! It has been trusted by so many people, that the question of truth has even become complicated now. If a majority believes something, is that true? Or if clear logical paths and actions say something that is the truth? This is something very difficult to do if you respect humans. If you respect humans you respect human opinions, and in this case you have to believe them. But let me tell you, everything will be free, yes. But what is being lost? Did you think about that? NO, our minds are not designed to think that way. When theres some good, we look at that, and ignore the bad, when we dont have to really look at it.

Independence will be lost. If people stop trying to succeed, which is the very place we are being designed to head, we will stop existing. I mean, how do we make a dent anywhere if we stop trying, or worse how does even someone know WE exist! If we stop putting ourselves out there? Thats whats about to happen, not because we want it, but because those in power have exploited a simple loophole in our mental system. The one I mentioned above, its all too easy for them now. And much too difficult for us to get us out of it. We will be wiped out of every data base, they wont need us anymore, I mean what good is a good for nothing welfare dependent human? Not much, the west is there, lets hope the Indians dont get there. Farmers will be framed, and country will be sought to be divided, Im curious what card modi would play, violence against the farmers? Or try to save his country? Or the powers to be just want him out and go to a death battle like they did with Trump? They are too similar after all, nationalists standing up for the rich in the nation, atleast they belong to the nation. Against the Internationalists, who demand open borders and are tired of ruling their country and now want more countries in their umbrella.

This was a long rant, but every step of the way is true. If you like what I wrote get in touch at Twitter or email me at

All thats left to say is, peace out legends.



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