Societal and biological evolutionary changes.

Let’s start with biology. Humans may have a 4 set brain. Read this with a bird’s eye view. Are you ready?

Organism works with the quick and decides daily, it’s our first subset function, processes it through the second subset which is an ignorance machine…

जब हुआ इरफ़ाँ तो ग़म आराम-ए-जाँ बनता गया
सोज़-ए-जानाँ दिल में सोज़-ए-दीगराँ बनता गया

रफ़्ता रफ़्ता मुंक़लिब होती गई रस्म-ए-चमन
धीरे धीरे नग़्मा-ए-दिल भी फ़ुग़ाँ बनता गया

मैं अकेला ही चला था जानिब-ए-मंज़िल मगर
लोग साथ आते गए और कारवाँ बनता गया

मैं तो जब जानूँ कि भर दे साग़र-ए-हर-ख़ास-ओ-आम
यूँ तो जो आया वही पीर-ए-मुग़ाँ बनता गया

जिस तरफ़ भी चल पड़े हम आबला-पायान-ए-शौक़
ख़ार से गुल और गुल से गुलसिताँ बनता गया

शरह-ए-ग़म तो मुख़्तसर होती गई उस के हुज़ूर
लफ़्ज़ जो मुँह से न निकला दास्ताँ बनता गया

दहर में ‘मजरूह’ कोई जावेदाँ मज़मूँ कहाँ
मैं जिसे छूता गया वो जावेदाँ बनता गया

Just like employment cannot be solved by providing more jobs, it needs more skill development centres.

Content overload cannot be solved by managing content, and telling people to take care of their ‘screen time’.

It is a twisted phenomena where we as consumers do not expect that this phenomena is beyond us, but at the same time we expect these big companies to make changes.

It is beyond…

credits: smithsonian

If you have any aptitude for finding the basis of a thing. You would be surprised to find that the basis of most things in the modern world are not known.

Electricity and Computers are the majors in this problem. At some point scientists realized if experiments are the truth…

There’s not much difference in the two. Other than in Vedic astrology your signs will be one before the ones in western astrology. This is true for all signs in all planets and houses for ~95% of the time.

I started with western astrology as Vedic looked entirely too alien…

They want to keep you confused. A hard reality to digest. I only need to show you what they win if they do that, to convince you of this eternal truth.

You know what, there are more interesting stuff to go to, so Ill just say this much, the systems…

Tajos King

Casual writer on things huge.

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